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author: WriteExpress Corporation

This rhyming dictionary can help songwriters, poets and advertisers find the perfect rhymes instantly with a click of a button. Consists of two applications: the WriteExpress Rhymer to search for rhyming words and the WriteExpress Phonetic Finder (free) for phonetic patterns.
Works inside Microsoft Word (click WriteExpress Rhymer from Word's Tools menu), although Word isn't required. Included is WriteExpress Phonetic Finder. This program lets you find words with sounds you want in whatever order.

This rhyming dictionary will help you quickly find:
End rhymes (blue/shoe)
Last syllable rhymes (timber/harbor)
Double rhymes (conviction/prediction)
Triple rhymes (frightening/brightening)
Beginning rhymes (physics/fizzle)
First syllable rhymes (carrot/caring)

Remark: This trial version includes only words beginning with the letters 'A' through 'D.'
OS: Windows, Mac Size : 1.15MB
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